The Model Hall

Leaving the hall of the “Farvandsvæsenet” you enter the “Model Hall” which contains an exhibition of various ship models. First you see models of sailing-ships from the Merchant navy, and in the far end of the hall, there are models of warships, several of which took part in the 2nd World War.

You also see a rather large model of the training ship KØBENHAVN, which belonged to the East Asiatic Company. The ship was lost in the South Atlantic during a voyage from South America to Australia just before Christmas in 1928. It is not known why the ship was wrecked. No piece of wreck from has ever been found. Maybe the five-masted bark carried too many sails when it was hit by a heavy squall and thereby capsized. Her last Danish port was Aalborg (Nørresundby), where she loaded cement for South America, and from here again grain for Australia.

In 2008 the museum received a testamentary gift of 60 models from Mr. John Clarke, London. Most of these beautiful models can be seen in the exhibition.