The Wheelhouse and the Foreign Exhibition

Before entering the last hall you pass the entrance to the wheel house from an old trawler. Here is a unique collection of small bottle ships is on display. Some of them are built inside penicillin ampoules.
In the wheel house you find the sail simulator and there are also two monitors showing films about Submarine Archaeology.
Opposite the entrance to the wheel house is a model of the hospital ship JUTLANDIA.

The last hall contains models of Warships, which participated in World War II. These models supplement the exhibition of Warships in the “Model Hall”. Here is a model of the British battleship HOOD, which was sunk in 1941 in the Denmark Strait during a fight against the German battleship BISMARCK, when the German ship tried to break out into the Atlantic in order to attack allied convoys. Next to the model of HOOD is a model of BISMARCK, which was sunk by the British navy a week later, when she tried to reach a French port. There is also a model of the sister ship to BISMARCK, the TIRPITZ, which during the war formed a serious threat to the important Allied supply convoys with war materiel to northern Russia. She was sunk by the British Air Force in a Norwegian fiord close to Tromsø.

A collection of small models of ships belonging to the Imperial Japanese Navy is on display. Among them are the Air Craft Carriers, which started the war with USA, when their aircraft attacked PearlHarbouron 7th December 1941.

There is an exhibition of uniforms and effects from Danish Shipping Companies.

In this hall you will also find special exhibitions.